How to use non-woven mask better

1. The non-woven mask can be soaked with water first, screw it clean, and then pour a dollar coin-sized lotion on top of it. You can choose a moisturizing type or a whitening type. If you need to control oil, Oil-controlling toners are also available.

2. Next, make five non-woven masks that have been soaked in toner. Be careful not to damage the cotton wool. The part where the non-woven mask needs to be used is the position of the five-point method.

3. Stick the cut non-woven mask on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin respectively. For some particularly dry places, you need special care, and you can stick another layer.

4. The non-woven mask can be removed after applying it on the face for about three minutes, and then gently tap the cheeks with your hands to allow the toner to fully penetrate into the skin.

In fact, the easiest way to make a non-woven mask is to soak it in lotion and apply it directly. Of course, you can also soak it in milk and mix some honey into it to make milk honey, which is more effective.


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