How to deal with the falling off of the car interior roof cloth?

The treatment method of car interior roof cloth falling off is:
1. Degumming the edge of the ceiling: buy a bottle of special car glue or adhesive products, disassemble and spray the glue along the edge, let it dry for 3 to 5 minutes, and then glue it;

2. The middle of the ceiling is collapsed: you can choose the buckle to repair, and choose the buckle with a similar color;

3. The ceiling falls off in a large area: dismantle the entire ceiling, remove the old ceiling cloth, clean the surface of the aging sponge, prepare a new ceiling cloth, and a special ceiling glue, spray glue on both sides, and dry for 3 to After 5 minutes, glue it again, and then install the roof. The car roof fabric is an important part of the car roof. Its main function is to improve the decoration inside the car. At the same time, the car roof composite fabric can also improve the heat insulation and heat insulation effect with the outside of the car, reduce the noise inside the car, and improve the sound absorption effect. Improve occupant comfort and safety.


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