How to clean the car interior roof cloth

The cleaning steps of the car interior roof are:
1. Lay down the seat and cover it with a towel or seat cover to prevent contamination by water or detergent dripping from the roof.

2. Fill the sprayer with water and detergent diluent and spray it on the roof of the car.

3. After the detergent is foamed, use a gentle brush to clean it, otherwise it will be easy to pilling and will damage the fabric of the ceiling. Use a well-wrung cleaning rag when cleaning, because the filler in the roof of the car is generally made of heat-insulating and sound-absorbing material, which has a certain ability to absorb water. Once a wet towel is used, it is difficult to dry the roof material after the cleaning agent has soaked it. , In severe cases, the material will peel off, and be sure to use an acid-base neutralized foam cleaner, so that the fabric will not be corroded and discolored, and it will not leave water marks on the car.


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