What are the advantages and disadvantages of wall coverings widely used in house decoration?

First,the advantages of wall covering
1. Sound absorption and sound insulation. The uneven texture of pure cloth and the thickness of soft tissue can achieve the effects of noise reduction, sound absorption and sound insulation.

Equivalent to the multi-functional wall covering and soft bag with the effect of professional sound-absorbing panels, the sound-absorbing and sound-insulating effect is better, and the multi-functional wall covering can create a quiet and comfortable living environment.

2. Energy saving and low carbon. The multi-functional wall covering adopts various types of pure cloth and needle-punched cotton to process nano-materials with nano-technology, so it will have the energy-saving effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wall Covering

Second,disadvantages of wall coverings
1. The cost is relatively more expensive than latex paint. Wall coverings made of airtight materials are prone to warping, the wall is damp, and prone to delamination over time. Some wall coverings have poor color fastness and are not resistant to scrubbing. Wall coverings with low printing technology will fade over time, especially in places where sunlight often shines.

2. Solid color wall coverings with dark colors are easy to show seams. The pulp wall coverings with uncontrollable shrinkage need to be pasted on the edge, which will show vertical strips, which will affect the overall visual sense. A small part of the wall covering needs to be torn off and re-treated, which is more troublesome. The construction level and quality are not easy to control.


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