How to deal with the car trunk interior cloth that is easy to get dirty

For car owners, the maintenance of the car is really essential. In addition to regular maintenance and maintenance, the internal clean storage should not be neglected. The storage space in the trunk of the car is relatively large for the entire vehicle. Most car owners will put some emergency tools in the trunk. Over time, the trunk will be piled up in chaos.

The trunk interior fabric is like a utility room at home for riders. Large items and emergency car items are almost always placed in it. If you don’t usually organize it, opening the trunk will be a mess. Not only does it look unsightly, but it will be very difficult to find something. And have you ever thought that if the trunk is organized, it can hold more items, and it will be much more convenient for you to find something.

1. First of all, you must remember to pad the trunk.
The trunk of a car is the primary storage space for car owners, but if it is not rectified, items can easily shift and collide. Especially the sharp-edged items may scratch your car while moving, and if you want to place unclean things, it will also get dirty. The key trunk is usually flannel, if it gets dirty, it will get dirty. Not easy to clean. If you put a special mat under the trunk, put the sundries to avoid scratching the original car. If it is dirty, it can be cleaned with a towel.

2. Rational use of seat back space.
In today's storage Dafa, wall-mounted storage accounts for a large part. Wall-mounted storage can also be used in the car! This is the seat back storage bag. With it, it can better store the sundries in the car and give you a healthy and clean driving situation.

3. Use folding storage boxes
This car folding storage box is omnipotent for vehicles. It can instantly make your messy trunk tidy, and at the same time, it can be classified and placed, and it also avoids the collision of items during driving, allowing you to watch I am also very comfortable. And this storage box can be folded, folded up when not in use, does not take up space at all.


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