Tips for using disposable mop cloth

There are two types of disposable mop cloths: dry cloth and wet cloth. At present, I have only tried the dry cloth. It is silky and effortless, and it absorbs dust and hair. Ordinary brooms and mops can’t get clean no matter how you sweep or mop. The sweeping robot at home is a bit broken and not very easy to use, and it is too difficult to get my hair curled in the roller, so I had to use the broom again, but a disposable mop was planted by the group! Very useful, lazy savior!

I used a damp cloth, which was a little different from what I imagined. I thought it was similar to a mop, but it was actually not very strong, and the feeling was not much different from that of a dry cloth.

Update again: I found that the mop can also be used to wipe the wall, glass and cabinets, because the rod is very long and can reach the top, but the disadvantage is that the surface of the cabinet is not flat, you can only wipe it roughly, the glass and the wall are still very Useful.


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