Some tips on how to paste wall coverings for decoration

Wall coverings can beautify the room and protect the walls, so many people choose wall coverings when decorating, but how to paste wall coverings is also a knowledge. Today I will introduce you to a few tips on how to paste wall coverings.

1. Ensure the cleanliness of the wall + Before discussing how to attach the wall covering, make sure that the wall is clean and flat. If the wall is dirty, you can gently wipe it with a soft cloth. If the wall is bulging, you can use a small shovel to shovel Remove the raised parts, and then paint them. If there are cracks, fill them up to avoid affecting the effect and appearance.

2. Measurement and preparation + Before sticking the wall covering, first use the vertical line tool to measure and prepare, choose the position of the wall covering, and pay attention to the position of the 4 corners of the wall covering to avoid sticking and slanting.

3. After the wall covering + the preliminary work, the wall covering is officially installed. There are skills in how to paste the wall covering. Don't be fussy when applying the wall covering glue, be calm, fold the wall covering, and then fold the wall covering while applying the glue, so as not to get stuck with the glue, you can use the S-shaped folding method, which is simple and scientific, and the order cannot be wrong, it is the top, Left, bottom, and finally right, so the effect will be flat and beautiful.

4. Pay attention to the symmetry of the pattern + When it comes to how to paste the wall covering, you should also pay attention to the symmetry of the pattern. If it is asymmetrical and not in order, the effect will be very unsightly. While sticking, pay attention to whether the pattern of the pattern is symmetrical or not, and follow the pattern in time. Adjust the position of the sticker. If it is a problem with printing and the wall covering itself, you can contact the merchant to exchange it, and do not stick it hard.

5. After brushing once + the wall covering is pasted, the whole wall covering can be brushed with a flat brush, lightly brushed up and down, left and right in order, and the seams and the surrounding position of the wall covering can be pressed with a roller.

6. Leave the position of the socket + the wall cloth is sometimes attached to the socket and the like. At this time, use a utility knife to cut out the excess wall cloth. If there are air bubbles after pasting, use a fine needle to break the air bubble and smooth it carefully.


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