How to keep the wall covering flush with the wall

1. Ensure the cleanliness of the wall Before discussing how to attach the wall covering, make sure that the wall is clean and smooth. If the wall is dirty, you can wipe it gently with a soft cloth. If the wall is bulging, you can shovel it off with a small shovel. The raised parts are then painted with paint. If there are cracks, they should be filled up to avoid affecting the effect and appearance.

2. Before measuring and preparing the wall covering, first use the vertical line tool to measure and prepare, choose the position of the wall covering, and pay attention to the position of the 4 corners of the wall covering to avoid sticking and slanting.

3. After the preliminary work of pasting the wall covering, the wall covering is officially installed. There are skills in how to paste the wall covering. Do not rub your hands or feet when applying the wall covering glue, be calm, fold the wall covering, and then fold the wall covering while applying glue to avoid sticking.


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