How to rub oil on leather jacket

Use a wrung wet towel to wipe off the dirt on the surface of the leather garment. After drying, use a plastic foam (preferably without a brush) dipped in jacket oil to brush from top to bottom. Remember not to brush back and forth and repeatedly; generally one piece A bottle of 80 grams of jacket oil is required for leather jackets. If there is oil on the surface of the leather garment, it should be 1:2:30 = ammonia water: alcohol: water mixture before oiling. This is even more important for light-colored leather clothing; when cleaning the face, it is required to use gauze dipped in cleansing liquid to wipe the oily area. If it is not clean once, it can be repeated 1-2 times until the oily stain is removed.

Leather jacket oil is only suitable for all kinds of leather clothing and products, not for non-leather products. Leather jacket oil can be stored at room temperature for a year, when stored, do not put it in a place that is too hot or too cold to avoid failure. Please be aware of. Leather jackets and other leather clothing, it is best not to use shoe polish, let alone oil, because these two kinds of oil are easy to attract dust and give people a dirty feeling. Leather is divided into smooth leather, rough leather and smooth leather according to different processing methods, and smooth leather is divided into painted smooth leather and dyed smooth leather.


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