How to clean leather basketball?

1. The leather basketball must not be soaked in water ~ so never wash the basketball! If it is really dirty, please wipe it with a 1/3 damp cloth.

2. Regularly check the inflation saturation of the basketball, it should not be too saturated and airless. Visual inspection method: raise the basketball straight up to the top of the head, gently put the basketball to the ground, and bounce it to the chest, indicating that the inflation is appropriate; if it bounces to the front, it indicates that the inflation is too full; otherwise, it indicates that the gas is insufficient.

3. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the basketball storage place. It cannot be placed in a high temperature place, such as a hot and airtight car box. Do not wash with water after use, preferably wipe with a dry cloth.

4. Do not apply high pressure/gravity to the basketball, it will cause the basketball liner to deform and burst, such as sitting on the basketball when idle.

5. Moisten the ball needle with oil or water first, and then gently insert it into the inner bladder. Be sure to use a ball needle to inflate. If you only use the inflator, it will cause the epidermis to separate from the inner bladder.


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