How to clean the roof interior cloth when it is dirty

The headliner cloth can be used to absorb the dust with a vacuum cleaner first, spray foam cleaner on the roof, let it stand for three to five minutes, scrub with a special brush, and finally wipe it with a wet towel, put the vehicle in a ventilated place, let the car The top should dry as soon as possible before it can be used normally.

Can also be disassembled. If you want to clean the upholstery cloth thoroughly, take it apart completely, then clean it thoroughly and dry it in the sun. It can be put back in the car for cleaning without disassembly. Although upholstery cloth can also be washed, but the effect is not ideal. By disassembling, the inner cloth can be cleaned thoroughly.

If the interior cloth is damaged and it is too dirty to be cleaned, it can be replaced directly. Buying accessories that match the original car model does not require any modification, just remove the original car interior cloth and install a new interior cloth, which is very convenient. The interior decoration is fixed with clips, and even the clips are changed when replacing


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