What are the classifications of computer bag fabrics?

The commonly used fabrics for computer bag customization can be divided into two types: exterior main materials and lining materials. The exterior main materials and lining materials are different types. Today, I will introduce you to the commonly used main materials for computer bag customization. .

1. Nylon fabric
Nylon fabric is a commonly used fabric for computer bag customization. It has the characteristics of comfortable hand feeling, softness, good toughness, wear resistance and scratch resistance, good tensile and compressive properties, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, easy dyeing, and easy cleaning. After the coating treatment, it also has a good waterproof effect. The commonly used specifications of nylon fabrics are 300D, 420D, 600D, 840D, 900D, 1200D, 1680D, etc. Different specifications of fabrics have different texture thickness and different strength and wear resistance. Generally, the larger the D number, the thicker the texture of the fabric and the better the wear resistance. Nylon fabric is also one of the commonly used fabrics for computer bags. The finished computer bag is very good in appearance and texture.

2. Polyester fabric
Polyester, also known as polyester fiber, is currently the largest variety of synthetic fibers. Polyester fabric is not only extremely elastic, but also has good properties such as wrinkle-free ironing, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-stickiness. The computer bag made of polyester fabric is not easy to fade and easy to clean. The commonly used specifications of polyester fabrics are 300D, 600D, 840D, 900D, 1680D, etc. The computer bag is made of polyester, the appearance of the computer bag is not easy to wrinkle, and the shape is better.

3. Leather fabric
Leather fabrics can be divided into natural leather and artificial leather. Natural leather refers to natural animal leather such as cowhide and pigskin. Due to its scarcity, the price of natural leather is relatively high, and it is also afraid of water, abrasion, pressure and scratches. , mostly used to make high-end computer bags. Artificial leather is what we often call PU, microfiber and other materials. The characteristics of this material are that it is very similar to natural leather and looks high-end, but it is not afraid of water like genuine leather, and requires high maintenance. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant, afraid of Plane, not strong enough, but the price is low. Many leather computer bags are made of artificial leather fabrics.


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