How to clean wall coverings

The wall coverings posted at home will inevitably get dirty in daily life. If it is not cleaned, it will greatly affect the beauty of the wall and destroy the beauty of the home. As long as you have wall coverings posted in your home, you should bookmark and read this wall covering cleaning tweet.

Nowadays, the seamless wall covering has been treated with waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling three-proof treatment. After the three-proofing treatment, ordinary sewage, juice and oil cannot stick to the wall covering, which means that the seamless wall covering itself cannot stick. It's dirt-resistant, so even if it does get stains, the wall covering is easy to take care of.

1. Treatment of common dirt (dust + water stains + oil stains)

This level of contamination includes: dust, water stains, and oil stains. In general life, no matter how clean you are, like dust, it will definitely be stained, and water stains and oil stains are also more difficult to avoid.

Three ways to deal with soiling:

1. Dust: regular dust, just wipe with a feather duster or a clean dry towel.

2. Water stains: Just wipe it dry with a clean dry towel. If there is a large area of ​​water leakage on the wall, you should pay attention to ventilation and dry it with a hairdryer.

3. Oil stains: Use a soft toothbrush to stick with detergent and gently wipe the oil stained parts, and then dry them with a wet towel. If the oil stains are relatively large, wipe them off with a wet towel and dry them with a hair dryer to restore the original state. .

2. Treatment of other stains (pen stains + light and heavy stains)

In addition to common dirt, other stains will also occur on the wall covering during use. For example, in a family with a baby, there may be pen stains on the wall covering, and the wall covering will become moldy in a long-term humid climate. There are some light and heavy stains from home life.

Three ways to deal with soiling:

1. Pen stains: Use a special cleaner for wall cloth, spray it on the wall, then use a brand new white towel to dip it in cold water, wring it dry, and scrub it twice until it is completely clean, and then dry it with a hair dryer in cold air.

2. Mild stains: You can gently wipe with a clean white towel dipped in water. In the case of higher temperature, we can let it dry naturally. However, if it is humid weather or in winter, it is recommended to use a hair dryer to dry it, and it should be noted that direct blowing at high temperature is not allowed.

3. Heavy stains: Scrub with soap or neutral detergent, or use a special wall cloth detergent. However, during the cleaning process, we need to be careful not to use towels that will fade. It is recommended to use pure white towels. Prevent damage to the wall covering caused by the discoloration of the towel and contamination on the wall covering.


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