Basic types of leather shoe fabrics

There are the following types of leather for leather shoe fabrics.
1. Cowhide
a. Yellow cowhide: The pores are small and shallow, distributed in a circle, uniform and tight, the pores are straight and extend inward, the hand feels plump, smooth and bright, soft, fine lines, firm and elastic.

b. Buffalo leather: thin hair, thick and deep hair roots, thick epidermis, rough leather surface and poor texture. Generally used for soles.

2. Sheepskin
a. Goat leather: The texture of the face leather is a semi-circular arc, with 2-4 needle pores arranged on the arc, surrounded by a large number of fine velvet pores, the pores are arranged in fish scales, and the feel is full of extensibility.

b. Sheep leather: The leather surface is smooth and clean, the leather plate is thin, the pores are small, and it is oblate. It consists of several pores in a group, arranged in a long row, the color is uniform, the leather body is plump, soft, and extensible. Clean, non-greasy, but less intense.

3. Pigskin: The surface leather is rough, with obvious eye holes, arranged in a triangle, poor elasticity, poor aesthetic effect, durable and strong.

4. Miscellaneous leather: slightly similar to cowhide, with oval pores, shallow pores, inconspicuous, finer grain than cowhide, but slightly larger than cowhide pores, inclined into the leather, in the shape of mountains, regularly arranged, leather surface Soft and loose, the color is dim, and the brightness is not as good as that of cowhide.

5. Shaving leather: leather such as cowhide, horse skin, donkey skin, etc. are made after modification, and have no original characteristics, but the color is uniform, beautiful and soft, but the pores are cracked.


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