How to identify genuine leather belt

Pure cowhide belts are strong and durable, and have good flexibility, but there are so many counterfeit goods on the market today, how to distinguish the real and fake cowhide belts? Follow the store to find out. In this way, when you encounter profiteers in the future, you can also make a noise on the street and have a heroic addiction.

Leather belt identification method: visual identification method of cowhide belt
A clear texture can be seen on the leather surface of the cowhide belt, but the texture will be different, because the leather of different parts of the cow is different, and there are animal fibers. On the contrary, the fake leather has no pores, and the texture is basically the same.

Leather belt identification method: leather belt tactile identification method
When purchasing, we can touch it with our hands. When we run our fingers across the leather belt, the real surface feels a bit astringent and very textured, while the artificial leather surface feels very smooth, and when we stretch it, it is also Not very malleable.

Leather belt identification method: leather belt olfactory identification method
If the cowhide belt is genuine leather, it will have a heavy leather smell. Even if it has been disposed of at the factory, the taste is very obvious, while the fake leather is mostly plastic and has no leather taste. Leather goods such as bags can also be identified in this way.


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