What oil do you use for leather jacket maintenance?

In the maintenance of leather jackets, professional jacket maintenance oil is needed, so that our jackets can be better maintained. Professional maintenance oil will also be better in absorption. Don’t use messy oil care.

What oil do you use for leather jacket maintenance?
Special jacket oil for leather jacket maintenance. Jacket oil is a special oil for cleaning and maintaining leather garments, and most of them can be purchased in shopping malls.

Type: solvent type, water emulsion type
Among them, the water-emulsion jacket oil is non-toxic, odorless, fast drying, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has strong adhesion, which is better than solvent-based jacket oil. Generally speaking, the newly bought leather clothes do not need to be oiled, but the leather clothes that have been worn for a season should be oiled once in the winter and when they are put into the wardrobe in the spring.


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