Comparison of wall covering and latex paint

latex paint
Advantages: easy construction, quick drying, good water resistance, more environmentally friendly, and can be adjusted to a variety of colors;

Disadvantages: The color is relatively monotonous, and there is no obvious texture and pattern.

The wall cloth is made of cotton as the base cloth, and is printed or embossed on the base cloth. It is also woven with jacquard. The wall cloth is also called "wall cloth", and the patterns used are mostly geometric figures and flower patterns. It has the advantages of colorful, bright texture, soft texture, sound absorption and ventilation, not easy to burst, easy to mount, easy to replace and can be washed with water, etc., but the current wall covering has achieved flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, sound absorption, sound insulation. , Antibacterial, anti-mildew, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, dust-proof, anti-static function, is a kind of wall decoration products for home. The base of the wall covering is a fabric made of polyester fiber, which is very durable, and there is no discoloration of the wall covering, and one of the wall coverings is seamless, which can be laid on the whole without curling. The wallpaper is more moisture-proof and not easy to grow mildew. And once there is a stain, it can be wiped many times and it is easy to take care of.

wall covering
Advantages: good texture, good sound insulation, anti-mildew, more durable;

Disadvantages: expensive, large loss.

The above content introduces the question of which is better between wall covering and latex paint. Overall, if the decoration effect is better, you can choose wall covering, but the cost is relatively high, and it has the advantage of good aesthetics. Which one is better, wall covering or latex paint? Generally speaking, latex paint has a relatively low cost, and also has the effect of waterproof and antibacterial. The advantages of wall covering are good texture and good sound insulation effect, but the loss is large and the price is high. You can Choose according to your specific needs.


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