A nonwoven facial mask sheet is a type of cosmetic product

A nonwoven facial mask sheet is a type of cosmetic product made of nonwoven fabric. It is used as a base for a face mask, and can be infused with a variety of skin-nourishing ingredients. It is easy to use and provides an instant boost of hydration and nutrition for your skin.

Nonwoven fabrics, including spunbond, melt-blown and heat-bonded nonwovens, are manufactured by web formation technology, in which molten polymer particles are extruded, stretched into continuous filaments and then laid onto a collecting web to form a fabric. Generally, the fiber diameter of these nonwovens is about 10-20 microns (mm), and the main raw material is typically polypropylene.

Melt-blown Nonwoven: A melt-blown nonwoven is made by a process similar to that of spunbonded nonwovens, except that the molten polymer particles are sprayed in a hot air stream to disperse them and produce ultra-fine fibers that fall on the collecting web to form a fabric. The fiber diameter of this nonwoven is thinner than that of spunbond nonwoven fabric, about 2-5 microns (mm), and it is commonly used in the middle filter layer of face masks.

The middle layer of the face mask is usually composed of a melt-blown nonwoven, and the electrostatic electricity generated by this woven material can effectively adsorb bacterial particles and pollutants in the liquid. This technology is often employed in the middle layer of face masks to improve the filtration performance of the mask, and it is also a cost-effective nonwoven material for masks because it is a relatively low-cost material.


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