Why choose Thick Spunlace Nonwoven

Thick spunlace nonwoven is an industrial material used to produce wet wipes. This fabric is made from a combination of polyester or polypropylene, with either natural or chemical fibers. It can be bonded or coated with pressure sensitive adhesives to create a variety of wet wipe products. Unlike traditional cotton and paper, the thick spunlace nonwoven does not use any pulp or wood chips to produce its web. This makes it more ecological and safe for use in hospitals, schools, luxury hotels and many other fields.

Spunlace is the most popular choice of non woven material for wet wipe production. It is a soft and lint free material that is both water absorbent and very strong, making it the ideal ingredient for wet wipes. In addition, it offers a superior tensile strength and air permeability than other fabrics. Its manufacturing process is also much more environmentally friendly than woven or knitted materials.

The production of thick spunlace nonwoven involves a few different stages. The first is mixed carding, which evenly distributes the fiber raw material and forms single fibers. It then undergoes further blending and impurity removal to prepare it for the next step, fiber web formation. This process can be done through dry laid, wet laid or polymer extrusion web formation methods.

Once the fibers are prepared, they are then formed into a thin, web-like structure by spinning them together. The spinning process is similar to the one that makes paper, and the result is a flexible non-woven web that can be cut, folded, and stitched into the shape of an end product.

This non-woven can be bound either mechanically (such as by needles or felting), with an adhesive, or thermally by applying binder to the web and melting it onto the fibers. The binder is usually a synthetic or natural substance, such as starch, cellulose, rubber, polyethylene, or a mixture of these. In general, the thicker the non woven, the less binding it will require.

The resulting non woven has a wide range of applications and can be found in everything from baby diapers to food packaging. In fact, its origin can be traced to medical supplies; doctors and nurses wanted a soft, low lint cloth to wipe patients' bodies during surgery and examinations. This gave rise to the spunlace nonwoven wiping cloth industry.

As an important raw material for wet wipes, spunlace non woven is widely accepted worldwide and has an excellent reputation in the market. It has a wide range of features, including water and liquid absorption, tough grime cleaning capacity, SGS proved food contact grade, and can be shaped into various sizes and styles for a variety of uses. In particular, it is widely used in restaurants, hotel and supermarket scenarios to clean dishes and counters. Due to its versatility, it is a must-have for any commercial cleaning company.


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