Which kind of cloth is more suitable for car trunk interior cloth

Nonwovens can be used for sound insulation, air filtration, heat insulation, reinforcement, and improved occupant comfort and reliability. The use of non-woven fabrics as interior fabrics for car trunks also has other features. In addition to these advantages, nonwovens are considered an economical material by many automotive companies due to their strength and durability. From cockpit filters and seat covers to trunk liners, sound insulation blankets and carpet coverings,

As new types of automotive nonwovens continue to be introduced, automakers are looking at replacing more costly materials such as leather seats with these products. Often unnoticed by drivers or passengers, nonwovens are hidden under seats or carpet, or sewn together with other fabrics for strength and durability. Needle-punched fabrics are very suitable for replacing leather as seats because they are more economical and easy to handle in the process of pulling, gluing and sewing, suitable for sewing.

The environmental friendliness of nonwovens allows them to replace foam products in automobiles. Automotive manufacturers are increasingly aware of the environmental advantages of nonwovens compared to other materials. Nonwoven materials are increasingly used in hood linings, headliners, instrument panels and other small acoustic and thermal insulation interior parts.


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