Which is better, latex paint or wall covering?

People pay more and more attention to the choice of materials when decorating houses. At present, the most common wall decoration materials on the market are two kinds of materials, namely latex paint and wall covering. People will always make a comparison before buying to choose better and more environmentally friendly materials. Which one is better, latex paint or wall covering? Let's compare the characteristics of latex paint and wall covering from several aspects.

1. Effect: For latex paint, it can be toned, and we can freely choose the color we like; but for latex paint, we can only brush out some special effects on the texture for the time being, like various patterns and colors. However, for wall coverings, there are more choices of colors, patterns and types, and the space is relatively large, so you can choose your favorite style extensively.

2. Compare prices: Let's take 5 liters of latex paint as an example. The product price is generally 300 yuan/5 liters to 500 yuan/5 liters; There are everything from RMB to several hundred or thousands of RMB per square meter, but we usually choose the price around 100 RMB.

3. Contrast construction: the construction period of latex paint and wall covering is the same, but the wall covering is better. The basic treatment method of laying wall cloth is similar to that of latex paint. First of all, they all need to go through basic treatment, and then apply latex paint for brushing or laying wall covering.

4. Environmental protection comparison: Generally speaking, regular latex paint and wall coverings can meet the environmental protection standards, and some well-known brands even exceed the national environmental protection standards. However, one thing that needs special attention is that for rooms with wall coverings, the environmental protection factor of glue is also very important, so it is very important to choose qualified quality glue from conscientious stores.

5. Cost-effectiveness comparison: For some small cracks, latex paint and wall covering can cover them, but in some places, it is better to stick wall covering, such as where the light wall meets the original wall or the joint of gypsum board etc.; for the anti-cracking function, after a heating season, cracks may occur on the latex paint wall, but such seasonal cracks will not appear in the wall covering, so it is much better to use wall covering for the protection of the wall.

There are actually many ways to decorate the wall. Whether it is wallpaper, wall covering or latex paint, they all have their own characteristics, but their main function is to decorate the wall, so when making a choice, it is consistent with the decoration of the home. It is very important to match the style to achieve a beautiful wall that is safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful.


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