How to store leather jackets for better

Storage 1: Since leather is composed of protein, the preservation of leather clothing should first consider moth-proof and moisture-proof. In order to prevent moths, it must be cleaned before collection, fully dried, and completely cooled. Leather clothing must be stored in a hanging method, not folded for storage, and should not be pressed under by other clothing.

Storage 2: The leather clothes that are washed and fully dried can be kept without insect repellent. However, it is not advisable to use plastic bags for storage, especially in relatively humid places. You can use clean old single clothes or cloth covers for storage, so as to keep the leather able to absorb and release moisture normally under different environmental conditions.

Storage 3: When the weather is fine, you can put the leather jacket in the shade for ventilation (avoid direct sunlight), and store it after drying and cooling. It is best to find a professional leather jacket maintenance service provider.


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