Fire drill (10.29)

Langzhi Textile Co., Ltd. Recently conducted a mock fire drill to demonstrate the readiness of an emergency response plan in the factory.

Fire drills are an important requirement that serve to prepare and educate our staff in the event of a fire. Staff is expected to participate in fire drills and respond according to department expectations and institutional policy.

Fire drills are critiqued and opportunities for improvement are identified and addressed.

In addition, equipment and system problems and failures are reported immediately for correction.

Fire drills include the following:


1.Simulated and/or actual removal of patients, staff and visitors from affected area

2.Fire alarm activation

3.Reporting event by calling 119 

4.Overhead page announcement

5.Activation of Fire Response Group

6.Fire and smoke containment observations

7.Review of evacuation procedures

8.Fire suppression procedures

9.Implementation of area-specific fire response duties

10.Fire drill cancellation notification

11.Post drill evaluation and discussion


For addition information, reference Policy Fire prevention Law of The People Republic of China.


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