Are car seat covers necessary? How to choose seat cover?

If your car has original leather seats and has seat heating or cooling and ventilation functions, then there is no need to buy car seat covers;

If your car has leather seats, but there are no additional features, and you have the idea of ​​protecting the original car seats, you can consider buying a car seat cover;

If your car is not a leather seat and does not have ventilation and heating functions, then it is necessary to buy a set of car seat covers, which will be very practical!

1. Protect the original car seat

If sharp objects like some keys are in the car, the seat will often be scratched, and the seat cover can play a good protective role to avoid scratches;

2. Dirt-resistant and easy to clean

If we eat or put some items in the car, like some fabric seats are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean, seat covers are relatively stain-resistant and easy to clean.

3. Warm in winter and cool in summer

Especially in the summer, when the leather seat is baked at high temperature, the seat is so hot that the butt hurts, the back is hot when you sit on it, the air conditioner can't cool down, and the seat cover can be warmer in winter , overall it's good.

4. Interior decoration

Some models with insufficient interior interior grades of the original car can be equipped with seat covers to improve their interior decoration by a grade, which will be very beautiful.

So if you have the conditions, try to choose a suitable seat cover for your car!


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